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Breeding season is upon us.

This evening we artificially inseminated MP's Reba (AHCA# 56389) to Black Watch Dempsey (AHCA #46153) off of her natural heat cycle.

(MP's Reba pictured above)

We always try our best to AI our females off of their natural heat cycles, however, that does not always work with our busy schedules. Often times we resort to "synching" them with a timed AI protocol which allows us to shorten up our breeding season, ultimately shortening our calving window. There are many different AI synch protocols out there, and we've tried a lot of them.

Here are some timed AI protocols from the Beef Reproduction Task Force. Our "go-to" is the "Select Synch+CIDR & TAI" and we have found this protocol to be extremely effective.



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