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"Click To Claim" Semen Sale

We are pumped to have our very first "Click To Claim" Semen Sale where we will be offering semen on our lineup of bulls at Highland Connection! As we are actively collecting several of our bulls, the sale date is still to be determined, but we are hoping to have it within the next couple weeks! We are excited to be offering and array of conventional semen, and even some sexed heifer semen on one of our bulls we are the most excited about! The offering will consist of semen on Willow Tree Theo, Trafalgar Killian, CBS Red Alert, and FTH Magnus!

What To Expect: The "Click To Claim" sale format makes it super simple and straight forward - no bidding or staying up late waiting for the sale to end. Semen price on each bull will be visible and show the price per unit. To purchase, simply click on the bull or bulls you wish to purchase semen on, select the number of units you want to purchase, and pay directly to the sale site by credit card or by mailing in a check. Once your payment has been verified, the semen will be released to you at the bull stud and you can call them to arrange shipping!

Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on the sale offering!

CBS Red Alert | Sire at Highland Connection
CBS Red Alert



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